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Different species. Mortal enemies. It’ll never work, but they’ll die trying.

Autumn Rossi thought she was a normal teenager. Suddenly, she can outrun creatures in the forest, making her wonder if she’s even human.

When the new guy at school, Zack de Luca, witnesses a questionable scene, he unfairly pins her as stuck-up. He acts like he hates her, yet he keeps bailing her out of trouble. Not only is Zack insufferable and irresistible, he seems to sniff her anytime he gets close.

As passion flares between them, Autumn isn’t sure which is more dangerous: her psycho ex-boyfriend, or falling for Zack — who’s risking his life just by being near her.

Happy spring break (ish) to all of you students! What better time of year for a beach read? You’ve been searching and searching, but you need search no further: I have the book for you. Veronica Blade’s series debut will no doubt sate your thirst for lighthearted entertainment.

My Wolf’s Bane incorporates all of the ingredients necessary to fluffy reading: new boys at school, magical powers, and psychotic ex boyfriends. Sure, sometimes the romance was a tad exaggerated– think frivolous obsession with an all-too-perfect love interest– but, hey, that’s all part of the enjoyment.

So grab your flip-flops and secure your straw hats, ladies and gents, and get ready for one helluva whirlwind romance. Oh, and check out my interview with My Wolf’s Bane one and only protagonist, Autumn Rossi:


ANA: Do you have any future career in mind, or are you just planning on improvising?

AUTUMN: I like doing design stuff. Sometimes, when I’m slaving away for my dad, I’ll do website changes for him or whatever else he needs. I’d like to take a college class or two and get better at it. Design is something I can do from anywhere, so long as I have a laptop– which I do. If I end up running from werewolves, having mobile work will come in handy.

ANA: Ah yes; I love using my laptop. Buying it, though? Not so much. You, however, seem to go on quite a few shopping sprees. What’s your style like?

AUTUMN: Obviously, I try to stay stylish, but the limited allowance my parents give me forces me to be creative. Like browsing the sale racks to help me stretchy my dollars. Choosing neutral colours, so I can mix and match. I’m still a fashionista, just a practical one.

ANA: I feel your pain! Unfortunately, I blow all of my cash on books. I know that you’re not much of a reader, but what’s your favourite YA book?

AUTUMN: Oh, I totally read! It’s just that lately, I’ve been distracted by other stuff, like finding out that I have super-human powers, meeting the guy of my dreams and my ex trying to kill me. Things like that make me neglect my to-be-read pile. Grrrrr. As for my favourite YAs? Paranormals rock. Some of my favourites of Shiver and Twilight.

ANA: Yes! Maggie Stiefvater for the win! I loved her Raven Boys! But before I go on a total fan girl monologue, describe yourself in five words.

AUTUMN: Strong-minded. Loyal. Slightly snarky. Stylish. :)

ANA: What’s your personal motto?

AUTUMN: Sometimes, you have to do the right thing, even if it might mean risking your life.

ANA: Speaking of risking your life, you say that Daniel was charming when you first met. I can’t believe that such a whack job could ever be appealing. Care to clarify?

AUTUMN: What can I say? The guy had me fooled. Daniel seemed super sweet at first, I swear. He used to ask me what I wanted for lunch, then wait in line and buy it for me. Whenever my car broke down– which was way to often– he’d drive me to and from school. And you know how guys can be gross with the lewd gestures and stuff? Well, Daniel always told them off. Of course, now I know it was all an act to reel me in. And as far as our first date goes, he didn’t really ask me out. It was more like, “Yeah, a bunch of us are going to Bill’s Bean and Brew. Need a ride there?” Classy, right? Not.

ANA: Well, good luck with that. I hope that you can get that asshole out of your life. Do you have any clue as to what the future holds?

AUTUMN: Well, I can’t see the future but I can tell you that I just found a birth certificate with a different last name for me. And the parents listed… Well, they’re names I don’t recognize. Zack and I are thinking about going on a road trip to the hospital where I think I was born, which’ll be awkward since our relationship is still so new and we’re going through some rough times right now. And then there’s the whole hotel room dilemma. One bed or two? And, OMG, Gina is a total bitch! Do you know she framed me for cheating? If the principal contacts my parents, I’m so screwed. Plus, there’s this new werewolf in town and I’m just gonna say that he scares the HELL out of me. Veronica Blade will tell you all about what’s happening with Zack and me in Wolves at the Door, releasing summer 2013. See you then!


A big thanks goes to Crush Publishing for making this possible!


I’ll keep you posted,

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