July 4th, 2016

Summer Reads


Dear readers,

The thing about freshman year at university, to put it simply, is that everything is new. New people, new standards, new adventures, new lifestyle. New hobbies and expectations that absorb hour after hour of your time, until before you know it your blog is on an unannounced hiatus without your permission or consent. Yes: the truth is, the novel is sometimes so engrossing, so overwhelming, so monopolizing of this world’s only true currency– time– that everything truly important pales and slips away. In my case, what evaporated amidst the heady air of friends and studies were novels themselves.

I am writing to you because that poppycock ends today. As of this moment, I am committing to make time for all of the things that matter most in this world. After all, I am still the girl who fell in love with books at age thirteen and never looked back.

The issue with novels is that they’re not gratuities; they’re investments. One expends valuable time and ample money on a perennial literary habit, with no guarantee of continuous customer satisfaction. True good reads are rarities; the mundane pervades, and reading time wasted on second-rate writing is time never regained, albeit an occupational hazard.

Despite this interminable gamble, I find it unimaginable that a bookworm, once a bookworm, could ever be anything else. The effect created by a good book is simply too potent: it isn’t encountered often, but it is always unforgettable. As all readers know, a good book is not only a story but an escape. It isn’t everyday one is transported to another world merely by reading letters on a page.

You may know that, as an undergraduate student, I concluded my first year’s final exams in late April. Unfortunately, this means that July heralds the halfway mark of my summer vacation. That being said, I plan to devote the next two months– in my time off the clock from my summer job, of course– to reading as many books as physically possible. From here on out, I also plan to give you my two cents on every last one of them. Hopefully, I can contribute to ensuring that you experience only the best reads.


I’ll keep you posted,

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